What Should You Do After Data Breach

Data breaches are all too common in today’s world. Our whole lives are online. We have accounts of every kind: shopping, banking, kid’s websites and games, video streaming, restaurants, among others. It’s staggering really. With all these data breaches, what

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 25-2022

Flagstar Bank, Amagasaki Residents, Yodel, Yale New Haven Hospital, BeanVPN, Weller Truck Parts, Baptist Health System, Simpson University, and Memorial University.

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 24-2022

Comstar, Shoprite, Choice Health Insurance, MCG Health, The Allison Inn & Spa, Texas Tech University Health Sciences, Kaiser Permanente, Shields Health Care, and Texas Gulf Bank.

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 21-2022

General Motors, Illuminate Education, Scarborough Health Network (SHN), Nederlander Theatrical Corp, Zola, and National Registration Department (NRD) - Malaysia.

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 20-2022

Chicago Public Schools, Refuah Health Center, South Australian public servants, Dis-Chem, Oklahoma City Indian Clinic, City of Cincinnati, Parker, and Texas Department of Insurance.

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 16-2022

Contra Costa County, Bob's Red Mill, Adaptive Health Integrations, Shiseido UK, Lakeview Loan Servicing, and Geico.

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 15-2022

McDonalds, Panasonic, Lakeview Loan Servicing, SuperCare Health, Wellstar, Snap-on, SummaCare, and Christie Clinic.

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 14-2022

Canadian Open Parkinson Network, Iberdrola, VGTRK, Block, Wheeling Health Right, Trezor, and Globant.

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 11-2022

South Denver Cardiology Associates (SDCA), TransUnion, and DENSO.

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 10-2022

Vodafone and Mercado Libre, Wightlink, Acro, Monongalia Health, Rosatom, Martı, Yandex, and Adafruit.

Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 09-2022

Logan Health, Four Healthcare Providers, Scenic Group, State Bar of California, and Conti ransomware.