What Should You Do After Data Breach

Data breaches are all too common in today’s world. Our whole lives are online. We have accounts of every kind: shopping, banking, kid’s websites and games, video streaming, restaurants, among others. It’s staggering really. With all these data breaches, what should I do after data breach? Do we know what steps need to be taken,...


Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 46-2023

Toyota, Samsung, Perry Johnson & Associates(PJ&A), Truepill, Courts, Coin Cloud, and Plume.


Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 45-2023

Sumo Logic, McLaren Health Care, Mr. Cooper, Electric Ireland, Maine Residents, TransForm and Marina Bay Sands (MBS).


Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 43-2023

Here’s your weekly #databreach news roundup: Redcliffe Labs, CCleaner, D.C. Board of Elections, 1Password and University of Michigan.


Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 42-2023

Okta, Casio, D-Link, 23andMe, and Air Europa.


Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 33-2023

Tesla, Luxair, LinkedIn, Discord.io, and Medicaid clients in Indiana.


Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 31-2023

Here’s your weekly #databreach news roundup: The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE), 400,000 corporate credentials stolen, and NATO. The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) discloses a massive #databreach impacting students, past students, and teachers after suffering a ransomware attack in June. @BleepinComputer @LawrenceAbrams https://t.co/BliObPwGZN — DevaOnBreaches...


Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 25-2023

UPS, BreachForums, Reddit, Shell and R&B Corporation of Virginia.


Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 21-2023

PillPack, Dish Network, R&B Corporation of Virginia, Zivame, SuperVPN, Apria Healthcare, and Tesla.


Weekly Databreaches Roundup Week 20-2023

Naivas, OT&P Healthcare, WhizComms, U.S. Transportation Department (USDOT), PharMerica, and Luxottica.