Devanand Premkumar has 18+ years of experience in IT/ITES environment on identifying, planning and executing information security operations, increasing security & compliance and implementing global information security programs. Has been instrumental in designing, developing, maintaining security frameworks and technical controls in various geographies across the globe. Has played various roles in technical as well as non-technical aspects of Information Security. My last corporate engagement was handling an intelligent SOC serving global customers for their security requirements in the role of Delivery Director.

Since forensics and investigations interests me a lot, started off a small exercise to check the level of data available in public domains related to data breaches. Considering the large volume of data aggregated and in the best interest of people and me wanted to keep it open for all to make use.

What is XposedOrNot?

XoN was started as a simple exercise to work with cloud computing and related technologies. However looking at the huge size of private data exposed, particularly on privacy related, I am planning to keep this site open to the public as a free service. Thereby this also helps people to get more information about their scope of data exposure and let know in case of new breaches which are getting more frequent in the past few months.


For more detailed information about what is XposedOrNot, feel free to visit the FAQ.

How can I be reached?

Twitter : DevaOnBreaches

Feel free to drop me an email or ping me in twitter for any support/assistance/clarification needed.

If you have any inputs or pointers to publicly exposed breaches which needs to be loaded in XposedOrNot, please notify me.